Palmer Yoga

Palmer Classes
Schoolhouse Commons, 
1085 Park Street, Palmer
Tuesday Thursdays , 6:00-7:15pm - Mixed Level 
phone or text 413-204-2118  
** Please enter side door and 
go downstairs to lower level

Belchertown Classes
Belchertown Senior Center
Monday, 11:45am - Mixed Chair
Friday, 9:30am - Mixed Chair

Practice, practice, practice
We are reminded to think about "Ahimsa" 
on and off the Yoga mat.
"Ahimsa"  is Non- harming, non- violence,  
Gentleness, Compassion and Love 
for all living beings,including ourselves.

To live in a way that no harm or pain 
is caused by our thoughts, words or deeds
 to any living being, including ourselves..  
cultivate love for all, 
and try to see goodness within everybody.